About Us

Our team consists of multidisciplinary specialists that provide insightful research and training on emerging economic and technology trends. As a full-service research and consulting agency, we specialize in delivering comprehensive market research and evidence-based solutions to businesses, organizations, and policymakers.

Quality Results

Our team is committed to equipping our clients with exceptional insights that enable them to navigate complex challenges and pioneer innovative solutions in a rapidly evolving, innovation-driven economy. Employing rigorous methodologies and robust data analysis, we deliver findings that are not only reliable and actionable but also tailored to foster substantial growth and transformation.

Deep Experience

Our team has extensive expertise across diverse professional environments, including collaborations with community organizations, the broader public sector, and private-sector entities. With proficiency in qualitative and quantitative research, training and re-training workshops, and risk modeling, we offer a unique blend of experience and skills that enrich the outcomes we deliver, precisely meeting our clients’ needs.

Leadership Team

Simon Chow

Simon Chow brings an extensive background in research, data science, and analysis of emerging technology trends. His experience spans various domains, combining academic rigor with real-world applications.

As an entrepreneur, Simon founded an Ed-Tech startup that focused on leveraging technology to enhance educational experiences and outcomes for students in the International Baccalaureate program.

Later, Simon worked as a research analyst and data scientist at some of Canada’s leading banks and investment funds. His work in these roles has been characterized by meticulous analysis, strategic thinking, and the ability to translate complex data into actionable insights.

At Diversity Research & Consulting, Simon’s role as Head of Research involves spearheading research initiatives to achieve the company’s mission of driving inclusive progress through technology. He is the lead author for our generative AI Research project.

Victoria Yu

Victoria Yu is an expert at the nexus of public policy, technology, economics, and the arts. Trained in econometrics and public policy, her analytical skills have been shaped by years of experience in multiple sectors including the broader public sector, banking, telecommunications, and volunteering in both Canada and the UK.

Her unique blend of expertise in economics, technology, and arts allows her to navigate the complex interactions between these areas. Victoria’s innovative approach to research and policy design reflects a deep understanding of how technology can be integrated with human values and societal needs.

With a passion for inclusive progress and a commitment to excellence, Victoria’s work at Diversity Research & Consulting focuses on finding innovative solutions to modern challenges.