Generative Artificial Intelligence in the Education Sector

Education in the Age of AI: A Strategic Plan for Ontario

This report explores the transformative role of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) in Ontario with a focus on the education sector. It aims to equip policymakers, institutions, and educators with an understanding of the opportunities, risks, decisions, and competencies that will be required for a future shaped by advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI).

As GenAI applications such as ChatGPT become embedded in various tasks and industries, understanding their implications will be essential for preparing the current and future workforce. Through first-hand research
(surveys, consultations, and workshops), this report aims to provide insights and recommendations that help educators, administrators, learners, and policymakers meet the evolving demands of a technology-driven global
labour market.

Our findings suggest a need for strategic integration, training programs, and robust policy that support a
balanced approach to technology and the ethical usage of GenAI by students and educators.

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