Diversity Research has become a trusted source for insightful research, custom training workshops, thought leadership, and data-driven solutions that leverage emerging technologies. We provide practical AI Training workshops, business solutions, research and consulting services to help organizations drive growth.

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Generative AI Training and Prompt Engineering Workshops

Get the most out of ChatGPT or Copilot at your institution. Our team has led workshops for hundreds of people across dozens of organizations as part of our recent research project in collaboration with the Province of Ontario. From all these experiences we have collected the simple most effective methods that will advance you down the path towards AI mastery.

Research, Data Collection, and Analytics

Comprehensive research that assesses changing technology and workforce needs of organizations. We help to forecast hiring trends and design tailored training programs and initiatives to help identify practical integration barriers, bridge skills gaps, and drive growth.


We have experience working with both private and public sectors to help drive innovative ideas, models, and research to address labour market and workforce needs and solutions. Working with multiple partners and across sectors allows us to better understand and develop develop talent pipelines for clients who are experiencing labour market challenges or who want to better prepare for the future workforce.

Skills, Jobs and Competencies

We help employers, organization and government better understand how jobs are being impacted by technological change such as generative AI, digital augmentation and automation, to help better prepare the workforce for the skills and competencies they need for an innovation-driven economy.

Market Research, Design & Foresight

We utilize a collaborative approach of market research and design to ensure our clients are informed about changes in their industry environment.